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The -30- Press Quarterlies

The -30- Press Quarterlies represent the culmination of our efforts as a company. We put sweat and ground-up bones into every one of them.

These stories are not just horror, they’re the best stories from the largest horror community on the internet.

Each Quarterly is built through our relationship with the Nosleep sub on, where we have actively participated as contributors to the community for years. The winners of the monthly competitions on Nosleep each are given the opportunity to have their story featured in the Quarterly coinciding with the story they posted.

Issue One

Issue one features stories from:

AA Peterson (Facebook),

Max Lobdell (website),

James “DexX” Dominguez (website),

Rona Vaselaar,

Nina LaRocca,

Snolly Golly,

Jacob Healey (Facebook),

Nick Botic (website, Facebook),

Katie Irvin Leute (website, her other site),

From Warwick

The audiobook has been narrated by the folks at Irrational Fears Podcast. Click their links for more horror goodness:



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Issue Two: Best of 2016

Issue two features stories from:

K. Oresnik,

Henry Galley,

Jared Roberts (Goodreads),

Marshall Banana,

M.J. Pack (Facebook, Twitter, website),

Howard Moxley (website),

Felix Blackwell (Facebook, website),

Paul Ross,

Harrison Prince (Twitter, YouTube),

S.H. Cooper (Tumblr, Facebook),

Melanie Camus,

Leonard Petracci (Facebook, website),

J. Laughlin (Facebook),

Caitlin Spice (Reddit, Facebook),

Scott Wilson (website),

SnollyGolly (click me),

Tristan Lince,

Katie Irvin Leute (website),

Thaddeus James (website),

Lily T.,

E.Z. Morgan (Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter),

AA Peterson (Facebook)

Issue Three

Issue three features stories from:

Ha-Yong Bak (Facebook),

J.M. Flynn (Reddit),

Conor Murray (YouTube),

D.J. Creamer (Reddit),

Preston Yates (Reddit),

Aaron Hilgen (Reddit),

Caitlin Spice (Facebook, Reddit),

Tanja Simone (Reddit, Facebook),

D0nutblink (Facebook, Reddit),

Eve Ben Ezra

***Coming Soon***
Issue Four