Weekend Reading #4: “I Wish She’d Just Been Cheating On Me” by Outfromtheashes

It’s officially fall! Which, in turn, means Mother Nature is legally allowed to ruin the weather for everyone for the next five months. You don’t need that – stay inside where it’s warm and enjoy some Weekend Reading!

Every Friday, we’ll post a bunch of letters that were thrown at a wall by our staff in the hopes of suggesting a story for you to enjoy over the weekend.


This week, our charming C.O.O. Ashley F. Holzmann has selected the story “I Wish She’d Just Been Cheating On Me,” written by Reddit user /u/outfromtheashes.

Here’s what Ash has to say about “I Wish She’d Just Been Cheating On Me:”

“This pick is for a variety of reasons. I love /u/outfromtheashes’ work. I’ve worked with him before on projects and he writes consistently with heart. So I’m a little partial to his stuff, but it’s justified. He’s a good writer. I wish he would write more often–that’s how much I enjoy his stuff.

This is just one of many stories a reader will want to read by him. It is a part of a series, and I would encourage any reader to read the entirety of the series. Many of his stories have also been narrated on YouTube.

I Wish She’d Just Been Cheating On Me” is an excellent introduction to /u/outfromtheashes’ work. It is an ambassadorial piece. A taste of the honesty that comes with every story. There are moments in all of his stories that feel potentially biographical and personal.

Every time I see a new story go up by him, I’m captivated. His stories are raw and honest and emotional and worth the read every time.”

You can read “I Wish She’d Just Been Cheating On Me” in it’s entirety, for FREE, by following the link below.


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