Weekend Reading #3: “The Portal In The Forest” by Matt Dymerski

It’s a Friday night. It’s the beginning of the Autumn season, and you’re all hopped up on Pumpkin Spice Lattes…so why not enjoy some Weekend Reading!

Every Friday we’ll be posting a story carefully selected by a team of highly qualified scientists who use only the most elaborate and sophisticated techniques to suggest a story for your weekend enjoyment.


This week, we have a doozy for you guys and gals titled “Portal in the Forest” by Matt Dymerski (a.k.a. /u/M59Gar on Reddit). It was hand picked by out evil genius of a CEO, Rafael “Human Gravy” Marmol.

Here’s what Rafael has to say about “Portal in the Forest” and why he chose to share this tale:

“Why I Picked Matt Dymerski’s Multiverse”

Matt Dymerski’s “Portal in the Forest” was my introduction to the epic Multiverse saga. It is an incredible blending of cosmic horror, science fiction, and fantasy spread out across a vast universe of interesting characters, horrific creatures, and terrible technology. Each chapter is another adventure which doesn’t fail to capture the reader’s imagination and send it into dark and mysterious places.”

“Portal in the Forest” starts off with a group of children discovering a portal to another universe in a Virginia forest. The only adult the children trust enters the portal to discover a post-apocalyptic Earth. Everyone is gone yet there is a hint of menace still in the air. The only explanation as to what happened on this Earth resides in a journal recounting the final hours of humanity and the monstrosities faced at the end of this world. As the story continues, the main character and the children travel across other post-apocalyptic versions of Earth in an attempt to find the answers to prevent a similar fate from happening to their version of Earth.”

Click the link below to check out “Portal in the Forest” online, in it’s entirety, absolutely FREE:


Did you love it? Here’s a link to the FREE eBook edition on Amazon:


If you wish to listen to these incredible stories, Eunice Randall is producing the “Multiverse Podcast” to which Rafael will be lending his voice for a telling of “The Crushing Fist” another series within the Multiverse.

You can check that out here:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/matt-dymerskis-multiverse/id1093560058?mt=2 or https://soundcloud.com/matt-dymerskis-multiverse/

Okay, enough with the linkage. Enjoy the weekend!

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