Weekend Reading #6: “The Devil’s Toybox” by MrClarenceWorley

It’s October. It’s cold. The only things that are going to get you through this month are whiskey and reading. Trust me.

Here at 30 Press, we like to consider ourselves givers so here’s your gift of Weekend Reading!

Every Friday, we try to act like we’re literate and voice text with Siri (Google 4 lyfe) in hopes that this post happens.


This week’s selection is “The Devil’s Toy Box” by Reddit user /u/MrClarenceWorley.

S.A. Decomprosed and his trusty sidekick Bookshanks picked this story out, and here’s what they had to say about it:

“For me, this encapsulates what everyone is always going on about when they mention the “golden age” of NoSleep. It has the creeping feeling of dread, and perfectly captures the feeling of losing one’s mind.”

You can examine “The Devil’s Toy Box” with your eye holes, for FREE, by following the link below.

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