Weekend Reading #2: “Borrasca” by C.K. Walker

You don’t really want to go outside this weekend… do you?

No? Neither do I.

How about some Weekend Reading instead!

Every Friday we’ll be posting stories picked by members of our staff and other lovely contributors to help distract your eyes from the sunshine and rainbows outside.


This week’s story is “Borrasca,” written by C.K. Walker (a.k.a /u/The_Dalek_Emporer on Reddit), and was picked by our delectable Social Media Liaison – Mikey Knutson!

Here’s what Mikey has to say about Borrasca and why he picked it:

“Have you ever read something that leaves such an impact on you that you HAVE to tell people about it because you want them to experience it? That’s ‘Borrasca’ for me. I began reading it on a slow day at work and I couldn’t stop. So many emotions. So many twists and turns. Questions. It was a roller coaster of emotion that I never wanted to get off of.

Reading it inspired me to create larger works and not limit myself to a short, quick story with unanswered questions. I’m working on a larger project currently and my confidence in creating the world for it is entirely credited to seeing what C.K. Walker was able to do.”

Click the link below to read “Borrasca” online in it’s entirety for FREE.


You can find more stories from C.K. Walker at www.ck-walker.com


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