Meet The Team

The Founders

Raff, Ash and Jake found each other on the Internet. They soon discovered that neither of them were Nigerian Princes, and found common ground with their mutual love of writing and leading cool projects.

Midway through 2016, Ash created a post in the NosleepOOC subreddit suggesting ways for the sub to grow. Out of that idea grew the concept of -30-.

Shortly after, the three were ready to recruit and every member of the team came on during that brief period. It’s a ragtag group of freaks and geeks, but everyone gets along smashingly and agrees on one thing: the authors come first.

Jake had been working tirelessly on what was then called the Nosleep eBooks: collections of the monthly winners for Nosleep.

He was spending his own money to keep everything free for the readers–which wasn’t sustainable.

In an effort to create something that could continue the crew decided to take on the eBooks and rebrand them as the -30- Press Quarterlies.


Rafael Marmol, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.


Rafael Marmol hails from a dark crevice on the Jersey Shore and is author to over 130 stories found across Reddit’s NoSleep, ShortScaryStories, and DarkTales forums under his handle, /u/Human_Gravy . Several of his stories have been adapted into audio dramas by The NoSleep Podcast and narrated by several popular YouTube personalities. Rafael loves to craft stories about the strange, macabre, and uncanny; his inspirations come from the masters of horror like Stephen King, Brian Keene, and Clive Barker. When he’s not writing, he’s narrating stories for his YouTube channel or a podcast. When he’s not being creative, he enjoys watching television shows, sampling craft beer, listening to podcasts and audio books, or walking his dog.

Rafael obtained his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University in 2013. He works as an operations manager for the warehouse of a multinational corporation.

At -30-, Rafael is in charge of business operations, market research, and directing the company along with Ashley and Kristopher.

Ashley Franz Holzmann, Founder and Chief Operations Officer.


Ashley began writing in his late 20s as an outlet for his creativity. He drew obsessively in high school and considered attending art school, but decided on a different path to serve in the military as his father, grandfather, and many other relatives had before him. Ashley’s obsession with drawing and creation defines much of his personality, as he constantly finds himself absorbed in specific tasks for long stretches of time. Feel free to ask him about obscure pop culture references from the 80s or 90s, video games, graphic novels, or any other topic of the sort. Don’t ask him about fitness, because he’ll never stop talking about it if you travel down that rabbit hole.

He is a Captain in the US Army, and is a 2009 graduate of West Point, where he obtained his BS in sociology. Ashley writes professional military articles when he can and he has been published in The Small Wars Journal. He enjoys backpacking, beach life, traveling, SCUBA diving, running, rock climbing, writing, drawing, and generally being creative.

Ashley is in charge of Project Management and Operations for -30-, where he also assists with planning, implementation of processes, and marketing alongside Kristopher and Raff.

Kristopher J Patten, Founder and Chief Technical/Science Officer.


Kristopher has been writing since he found his grandfather’s old typewriter gathering dust at the top of a closet. His first screenplay, a sequel to Return of the Jedi, completed when he was 7, was complete garbage. One year later, he undertook another monumental franchise and wrote about Indiana Jones’s exploits in Atlantis (no relation to the video game with a similar plot). The work was met with harsh criticism, but still secured Kristopher an A in writing. In the last 22 years, Kristopher has honed his writing skills and has been featured in several publications, both electronic and print.

Kristopher obtained his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Arizona State University in 2016. While there, he researched human sensory systems, especially the auditory system and how we are able to parse auditory scenes and identify auditory objects. Kristopher also developed a new analysis tool for multidimensional scaling, called RotCorr. Several publications on this tool are forthcoming from major peer-reviewed journals.

At -30-, Kristopher is in charge of research, including marketing, product design, and outreach techniques, as well as helping to direct the company along with Raff and Ashley.

Jess, Web-Based Social Networking Liaison.


Jess is lucky to hail from the spookiest area in the fifty states, the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by rain, weirdos, severed feet, and definitely a serial killer or two, is it any wonder horror trickles through her waxy veins? Drawn to the darkness since her hatching, Jess especially loves interactive forays into the wild and weird – be it video games, ouija boards, spell casting, haunted attractions or exploring abandoned buildings. Get her in that ghost party, she’s happiest there.

Known to her good friends as “I’m sorry, who?”, Jess spends her entire year gearing up for October. But don’t worry, she’s also a total geek, 365. She uses most of her free time absorbing and getting utterly obsessed with various books, movies and shows, and she absolutely loves anything Batman. She’s definitely a cat person, in case that wasn’t abundantly clear, and she may or may not be a witch, on occasion. When the moon is right.

Also known by her many Reddit usernames, Jess got her start with NoSleep by penning what is collectively termed “The Mold Series.” An avid writer of various genres, she’s eager to play with -30- and see what other horrific atrocities will spring from her head.

At -30- Press, Jess is part of the subreddit moderator team, and oh boy will she try her very best.

Gregory T. Oswald, Social Media Marketing Coordinator and Specialist.


Greg has been writing since childhood when he was first given creative writing prompts and continued to build his worlds for many years. His first story was a pirate tale that has since been lost to time. As he grew older his writing style changed and expanded. He recently submitted his first story ‘A Small History of a Man in Black’ to r/cryosleep.

Greg studied mainly writing and theater in school. He has worked in all facets of theater. His writing style always leads towards the darker starting with his introduction and love of horror at the age of five.

At -30- Greg’s main responsibility is handling the -30- Press Twitter where he maintains content and interacts with its followers.

Mikey Knutson, Social Media Liaison.


Mikey is part of the -30- Press team that will be handling social media, being particularly involved in its Facebook. He is a huge believer in having personal connections with people.

He is a 25 year old guy from the greatest (debatable) city around – Cleveland, Ohio! He has lived there his entire life and is currently raising a wonderful son there. He also has a cute beagle-dachshund named Lily who is creepily smart despite the goofy things she does.

He first got into writing when he was in fourth grade, and would write epic (also debatable) tales of space adventures and monsters as well as his own comic called ‘Heart Ninjas’. Since then, it’s all been uphill. He began writing poems and song lyrics for himself and various bands. From there he rediscovered his love of short stories and other items based on a genre he was raised with: horror. Currently, he writes a lot for the r/nosleep community on Reddit and he has officially begun work on his first extended story.


Jesse James Rose, Social Media Coordinator.


Jesse is 32 and lives on Long Island with his wife and two cats named Spoody and Plucky.

He wrote his first series ‘Chillers’ when he was a child and is known on r/nosleep for stories such as ‘A Scarecrow for God’ and the popular series ‘I was recruited for a Science Experiment in Barrow, Alaska.’

He currently works in human resources and is part of our team of Social Media Coordinators on r/30press.


Valka Saedis, -30- Press Photographer.


Ashlee/Valka hails from the mean streets of Dogden (er… Ogden), Utah. She has been a horror fanatic ever since her mother introduced it to her when she was very young. The fascination of writing macabre tales came shortly after. Following a hiatus from her writing, she’s working on getting back into the swing of things.

When she isn’t throwing herself back into writing, she’s often with her husband, children, cats, or pack of hellhounds. Her go-to alone time consists of reading anything and everything, drawing, painting, photography, video games, and poetry.

She’s always been a photographer at heart, another quality picked up from her mother, and over the last few years her interest in it has continued grow. She takes any chance she can get to be behind her Nikon, shooting people, places, and things. With her camera, we swear!


Rebecca J. Dillard- aka Becky aka Bek, Social Media Specialist.


An artistic and creative child, Bek found her love of writing through a 6th grade teacher who held monthly writing competitions based upon themes. At age 12, her first story was a work of fiction about a lonely little girl who had an obsession with the moon. Spoiler alert: She ended up being a werewolf. It received an “A”. Her desire to consume all things horror started well before then, when she first picked up Stephen King’s Pet Sematary at age 9. Admiration for her older sister, who was (and still is) an amazing artist, fostered a love of drawing and creating.

As an adult, she enjoys looking in wardrobes for Narnia, drawing demon trapping sigils in various places for protection, perfecting her zombie survival plan and wondering what happened to her Hogwarts letter. She eats, bleeds and sleeps horror movies, video games, comic books and Pepsi.

At -30- Press, Bek is in charge of co-running the company’s Tumblr where she posts content, updates and interacts with the followers.

Jacqui, Social Media Liason.


Jacqui aka Daf u/hrhdaf was raised by wolves and hippies, and resides in the frozen north of the UK. She has a life-long love of horror which she attributes to an older sibling who regularly terrified her, and bad parenting which meant she was exposed to Hammer Horror at a tender age.

She has been contributing to r/nosleep for two years and is known for stories such as ‘The Wishing Tree’ and ‘The Trouble with Chris’.

With a long background working as a PA and running her own business with her husband, Jacqui is also part of the Social Networking Liaison team.


Ragini, Social Media Specialist (and Resident ghost).


Ragini has always enjoyed writing, especially poetry. If you need a quick haiku, she’s your girl. After reading horror for years, her first foray into actually writing it was American Horror Story fanfiction. She studies math, which taught her that topology is scarier than any ghost or demon. When she’s not procrastinating, she’s drawing, playing the violin or trying to convince her friends to watch horror movies without the sound on.

At -30- Press she co-runs the Tumblr page, where she posts updates and interacts with followers.