For Authors

What are we here to do?

-30- Press is a publishing company. We believe in empowering authors, in creative endeavors, and in publishing books with passion.

We are here to assist authors in their journeys. If that means us reading their manuscripts, we’ll do it. If that means giving advice, we’re there. Silly questions?

Ask away. As we continuously say: we are writers, too. We wish we had the opportunity to ask someone all of the questions we had when we started out.

We are here to assist every author along their journey. Sometimes that means providing a guiding hand toward an author self-publishing instead of publishing with us. We absolutely encourage authors to look at all of their options, and we gladly support everyone in finding what path best fits their goals.

Shoot us a message using the below form and we’ll respond as soon as possible. You can also contact us through any of the social media links at the top, though our Facebook page is the page we use the most, so you’ll receive the most timely response through that platform.

What is the significance of “-30-?”

We are writers, ourselves. One of our founders–Jake–got his start in journalism.

-30- hasn’t been widespread since at least the Vietnam Era and was originally used in the Civil War Era.

-30- was telegraph code for “end” and was used by reporters sending their stories to newspaper offices.

Without the -30-, there might be more important information.

A lot of journalists put the -30- into print in the last story they write before retirement and some will finish obituaries or memorial columns concerning dead colleagues with it. Journalists have passed it down because it’s a strong and meaningful tradition.

We aim to continue the tradition.





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