What was the first NoSleep story?

We (the people at -30- Press) were chatting about the first writers on NoSleep and wondered if we could find the first piece of short fiction published on the subreddit. If you’re not aware, nosleep was once more like /r/creepy; there were links to other horror websites, pictures, videos, and a few stories. Those first stories, however, were more like what you find today over at /r/thetruthishere and less like high-quality horror fiction.

The task of finding the first fictionalized account becomes difficult, then, because we have to read through “true” accounts of hauntings and possessions and find hallmarks of creative writing. But how can we say what’s true and what’s not? Surely that’s how the current incarnation of nosleep and the “everything is true, even if it’s not” rule came to be; true campfire jumpscare stories getting progressively taller over time until the contest was started in 2011.

In lieu of the first work of fiction, we bring you the first story posted to nosleep on March 25, 2010: The window.

As a kid our home was in a fairly rural part of the country. Behind our house was nothing but woods for a couple miles to give you an idea of how separated from the rest of “society” we were. This house also had a tendency fairly often of settling at nighttime. If any of you live in some older houses you’ll know what I’m talking about. There’s cracking noises and just overall wood creaking type sounds when it cools off and people stop moving around the floors. Naturally as a kid this kindof freaked me out a bit.

My room was on the back of the house at ground level. My window would also have a tendency of creaking a bit. Some days the change in temperature from day to night would cause the house to just generally be more vocal than other days. One night in particular though I was woken up by the sound at my window. It started happening around 2am, and it sounded as it would if I had gone over to it and just pressed on the glass until it made a crackling sound in the wood. It would happen for about 5 seconds and then just stop, it happened in total around 3 times the first night.

The next night around 1am the same thing happened. Except this time it just happened once, enough just to wake me up until I sat up to try and make sense of things. It wasn’t until I started to get out of bed until I heard the sound again and realized that it was actually coming from the hallway right outside my room which is in the general direction of the window. All I could do was just sit there terrified and frozen. About that time I heard the faint noise of a car horn outside and then loud footsteps, then nothing.

A minute later my Dad runs in to see if I’m ok. He had woken up to the sound of someone driving up our driveway (which happened to be pretty long, so nobody had any business doing that at that time of night). He popped open the blinds and whoever was in the van apparently saw him, took off backwards and started to drive off. They then quickly stopped to honk their horn twice before taking off completely. We think the honking was to warn whoever was inside. We still don’t know who was inside the house that night.

The worst thing about the whole situation is that nothing was taken, so it didn’t appear to be a robbery, and we couldn’t figure out how they kept getting the back door open since it was usually locked. I can only guess that the cracking sound was the floor next to my doorway and whoever it was must have been standing there looking into my room for quite some time.

The rest of the stories posted on the 25th and 26th are also worth a read.

We’ll keep digging and try to find the first work of fiction posted to the sub.

By the way, if you want to read the first ever ebook, you can find it here!