Best of 2015

99% of us will enjoy this issue of the NoSleep eBook. The other 1%, they’re special. They’re not interested in walking through a lonely wood and listening to light whistles carried on the night air or pondering the ethereal beauty of a staircase rising from the pine needles. They don’t have any interest in recalling their pop song earworms from years ago, nor do they care to read up on the latest sleep studies. This 1% is not like us; they have no idea of the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of our favorite pastimes, the secret dangers of our mundane careers, or the horrifying truth of Prescott Mountain.

Get your fill of the darkness you crave with Issue 4 of the NoSleep eBook. The new voting system allows for all three months of the fourth quarter (October, November, and December) AND the Best of 2015 contest, so this is the biggest issue of the NoSleep eBook ever!