Best of 2014

From the appearance of Alan Goodtime to the honor of NoSleep becoming a default subreddit, 2014 has been an eventful year. Time, however, is just as mortal as we are. As we lower 2014 into the cemetery of memory, remember both the good times and the terrifying with the Best of 2014 eBook!

In the last year, we have been chilled to the bone by tales of ghoulish motel hauntings, felt the icy grip of terror while reading about a man’s time with the Queen’s Guard. We’ve broken out in panic-induced sweat at the prospect of an unstoppable parasitic mold, felt the heat of our blood racing as we pored over a story crafted to frighten a child. We’ve been pasteurized by fear. In this, the last issue of 2014, you’ll find those stories and more. So, {s}mile, download the eBook, and try to ignore the breath on the back of your neck while you read.