2017 – Issue 2

This issue of the NoSleep / -30- Press Quarterly eBook is a doorway to various realms. You’ll begin your journey in the depths of Hell, working your way from harrowing avenues of gore to forlorn fields of dark fantasy. Once back in the land of the living, you’ll trek through several forests – each beset with a different beast – before finding yourself on a typical neighborhood street that feels both familiar and unnaturally foreign. When you finally pull yourself from the finished issue, you might wonder if you ever went back to your reality at all or if the turn of a digital page pulled you into a perpetual simulation; an incessant loop with no built-in end function.


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If you’re looking for a full-length (or possibly double length) novel, try out Elantris by one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson. It’s mostly fantasy, but there are elements of horror, intrigue, and science fiction.