2017 – Issue 1

I started putting the NoSleep eBook together almost exactly five years ago. The first few were not great; I had taken on a project I really knew nothing about and had given myself the extra difficult task of coming up with cover art for the damn thing. If you look back in the archives on nosleepebook.com, you can get an idea of my troubles; PDF files that display in almost 50 point font, a version of the NoSleep logo that has been edited in MS Paint for a cover, and an interior format that is inconsistent from one story to the next. Over the next few years, I taught myself more about ebook development and relied on the NoSleep community for cover art. This is when the NoSleep eBook really started taking off. Instead of a few interested Redditors, we began to reach new audiences from different corners of the internet. I also started taking the ebook more seriously as a way to celebrate authors and help their careers as professional writers. Things are certainly different than when I started this back in 2012, but the community aspect remains a staple. This book wouldn’t be successful without the amazing authors who pour their psychic energy into their stories or the readers who consume that nightmare fuel. Together, we can dump our weird brew of NoSleep horror into the mainstream. So let’s get freaky.

Thank you for your support over the last 5 years. Here’s to 5 more!

This issue of -30- Press Quarterly (formerly the NoSleep eBook) focuses on our routine tasks and what happens when they’re disrupted by sinister interlopers. We all download new apps to pass time or make our life easier, knowing full well they’re all hoarding our data to learn about our habits. What happens, though, when an app seems to know too much? When it knows not just what you like, but you’re about to do? Parents read to their kids nightly – and, if you’re not doing that, you really should because it helps children become more literate – but what if a strange new book appears in your library one day, tainting your child’s safe space with ultraviolence and madness? Those Emergency Alert System notifications sound terribly ominous, don’t they? What happens when that unsettling tone extends beyond the voice and to the actual message? Don’t go outside, it’s too dangerous. Stay inside and read this issue of -30- Press Quarterly.









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For your second book, I highly recommend Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds.