2016 Issue 3

Halloween is on a Monday this year. What an absolute bummer. If you’re stuck at work or anywhere else that would be inappropriate to dress in a toga and drink Jagermeister at 10 AM, the NoSleep eBook is here to help!

Beyond making your normal workday more dark and dreary, this issue marks an exciting time in the evolution of the NoSleep eBook; this is the LAST issue of the NoSleep eBook. Ever.

It’s fitting for us to die on Halloween.

But don’t worry! Like a vampire who feasts exclusively on zombies, we’ll still bring you the winners from NoSleep’s monthly contest collected in an easy to read format. With the next issue, the Best of 2016, this publication will fall under the auspices of -30- Press, a publishing company started by myself, Ashley Holzmann (AsForClass) and Raff Marmol (Human_Gravy). We’ll continue offering the ebook for free, but we’ll also provide options to purchase paper- and hardback copies. The revenue generated from purchases of the ebook will fund upkeep and hosting of this site, monetary prizes for the monthly winners, and allow us to pay our artists for their always stunning work on the cover.